“Medicine” – Tsenre

I had the privilege of hearing the piece after which this post is titled less than 48 hours ago as my brother and I made the drive from the DMV back home to Jersey for the day. It was quite a pleasant ride, which was surprising, as Jordan and I have been known to bump heads more often than not. Not this time. The entire ride we talked and bounced ideas off of each other, taking short breaks in conversation for him to put me on to new music before returning right back to our discussion. I was reminded of just how much I admire my brother for his intellect, and how honored I am to be able to pick his brain and have him influence me for free. The ride was so enjoyable we didn’t think twice about taking a detour through Maryland before heading back towards i-95 somewhere near Towson, and even then we stopped at Waffle House to dine in like we did when we took road trips as kids.

During the ride, I told Jordan (or Tsenre, excuse me) about my plan to start a blog, yet somewhere in the back of my mind I wasn’t at all confident I’d follow through with it. I’d been grappling with the idea for months, always feeling like I wanted to start something for myself, like I had something to offer the world, but I was not certain. I’d been allowing my fear of criticism to keep me from taking the first step in a new direction. Hearing Jordan tell me of the progress he’s been making in honing his craft, poetry and music when simply put, was the push I needed. Jordan has a way of making me feel I am enough when I don’t feel it myself.

We spent less than 24 hours in Jersey, arriving around 2am and heading back to VA around 7 that same evening. Jordan itches to get back to the DMV whereas I hold onto every possible moment in my true home. That’s a difference between us to be delved into another time. Anyway, after reaching VA with my brother and then making the drive back to Howard by myself, I told myself I would have a blog site up before class Monday morning- no excuses. I’d be doing myself even more of a disservice to waste the encouragement my big brother had just given me. I had to follow through.

You’ll learn from his craft, should you decide to follow him in his artistry, my brother is incredibly thoughtful, his ideas thought-provoking and often times irrefutable. That’s one thing about him that annoys me to no end, in addition to him thinking he’s always right, most of the time he is. Just don’t ever tell him that.

God knew what he was doing when he gave one boy and one girl to our particular set of parents. He gave a male combination and female combination and kept them close together, to balance one another’s strengths and weaknesses and challenge one another’s brains.

This is an appreciation post for my brother Jordan C. Ernest for the role he’s always assumed in my life and particularly for the push he gave me to start this platform.

This is my very first blog post on “Building, Not Broken”. Welcome to the journey; build with me.

– Jade M Ernest

***I’m not sure if his page is private, but I’d say it’s worth the follow. Rock with him if you’re so inclined.

Instagram: @homeinanotebookwriting

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