Note: This post is kept quite short.

This past November, I ended up spending hours with and ultimately confiding in the concierge at the front desk of a DC hotel I had no business being in. I’d say he tricked me into intervention, but that wouldn’t be at all true. Though I struggled to articulate answers to his rather tough questions, I wanted him to keep asking them. I needed someone to make me consider them and, along with his genuine concern, I appreciated the challenge of expressing myself to someone else. The particulars aren’t necessary, but at the end of the night (or morning, I should say) he put me in an Uber and sent me back to campus- reminding me to call anytime for any reason, especially if I did want to spend Thanksgiving with him, his wife, and children (We’ve not had any further contact, though his business card is posted at my desk as a reminder). The interaction seems strange without details, I know, but in reflecting I want to share this:

You never know the path someone you encounter is on; it is challenging to know what someone is truly going through or how you can make a difference for them, especially in a culture where instinct is to judge and often attack what we don’t understand.

We all walk different paths, each individual on this planet coming from a unique destination. When we reach an intersection, however, we can be the difference that sends the other individual forward, backward, or left at a standstill.

God puts people in place for a reason. That night, Aaron was my angel. He pushed me forward.

– Jade M Ernest

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