Not Changing, Growing

IMG_7584When asked by a young man I found interest in back in high school what one thing I’d change about myself if I could, I sent this message (and by that I mean I typed this response out in my iPhone notes and then copy & pasted it into the thread after working quickly yet diligently on drafts, proofreading, and finally deciding I was content with the final product). Incase you’re wondering, I did not document his response, and no I can’t remember it to paraphrase. That’s neither here nor there.

This is a moment in time in which I shared a piece of me, a piece of writing, with someone. This moment was ahead of its time. Iconic.

To date, I’ve shared the existence of Building, Not Broken with my immediate family, my PPYO sisters 💜, and all of my mama FaceBook friends 🙄. It’s a slow process, but I’m growing.

– Jade M Ernest

2 thoughts on “Not Changing, Growing

  1. The Lord our God has plans for us, so whatever happens in our lives happens for a reason.
    Staying in God’s grace will help you get over any obstacles easily. Through him there is life and all the comfort you could ever be in need of. Love you.

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  2. I love your reflections….most don’t expect “young people” to have experienced enough in life, to impart wisdom or guidance on the world. Your reflections say different. Bravo. Keep doing what you’re doing, for you and us.

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