Two Jobs

Monday, February 12, 2018

1:45 pm

I’m sitting, waiting to be taken back for a job interview. It’s scheduled for 2 o’clock but I like to arrive 15 minutes prior to any appointment so I don’t feel rushed- besides, I’m super excited about this so I’ve literally been watching the clock, waiting to head here since I left my morning class at 11. I interviewed for a position within this company before interviewing for and being offered my current job, but was unable to secure the position. This time around, I feel more prepared to take on the interview process and to be a contributing employee once I’m offered the position. I’m waaaayyyyy more confident in myself and in my work so I am sure this time that I am a valuable candidate.

So I am waiting.

2:32 pm

I’ve been passed through to a second interview. The first one went GREAT. I was able to engage in conversation with the interviewer in a way that made answering her questions so simple and unforced. It was like telling her story after story, with her occasionally offering a bit of input before looking to me for the next one. I enjoyed the interaction. Now I’m waiting for the next person to call me back for phase two and hopefully my next entry I’ll have a second job!

2:55 pm

I GOT THE JOB! I’m so thankful to my mom for not “coddling” me when I called her this past Thursday night crying, unable to express a reason for my tears. She forced me to figure out what in the world I was really crying for. Ultimately, I had too much time on my hands. I didn’t feel productive anymore. Since my hours at work were cut after the holidays, I’d been going to class and coming back to my dorm to lie in bed. Just like during my freshman year, I felt no sense of purpose. (I have an entire entry written on this that I probably should post tomorrow for background.) Anyway, Friday morning I got up and came here to follow-up about the application I’d submitted maybe a week or two prior. I spoke with someone from HR who pulled my application and scheduled today’s interview and well… Here we are today. I’m so excited.

Ya girl got TWO JOBS.

– Jade M Ernest

3 thoughts on “Two Jobs

  1. Congratulations! “Free” time, as it’s called can be good, to rest and reflect. But idle time can be dangerous. We all need a healthy balance; key word healthy. School, work, community involvement, worship, and positive personal relationships, when balanced properly both challenge and stimulate growth.

    I’m ecstatic for you, you win this round ☺️. Revel in the victory and enjoy the ride…! Also be mindful in the days and years to come, (that) sometimes losses will also be wins. Remember what God has for you, is for YOU!


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