How to Know When to Let Go

I’m in what I’m calling a “Decluttering Stage” in my life. It started with me sorting through and getting rid of a lot of notebooks and projects I had stored from as far back as Pre-School. I’m a bit of a hoarder, but in preparing to redo my room I wanted a brand-new start. Then I started getting rid of clothes. I deleted contacts and message threads, being particular about which relationships were worthwhile and which were just to have a “friend”ย to text or a person to take me out. I began to rid myself of behaviors, ideas, low expectations… And I’ll have you all know I am down to 575 pictures in my Camera Roll from the previous 10,000+. I’ve found serenity in decluttering, even in deleting excess photos of good memories. I’m learning to live in and treasure each moment, rather than cling to the joys or sorrows of moments that have passed. I’m taking control of my life. It feels great.

Questions to ask yourself when wondering if you should let go:

  1. Is it helping me grow?

BOOM. That’s it. List complete.

– Jade M Ernest


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