Going Out

Last Thursday I went to the waterfront. That wasn’t all I did, actually. It was a “Jade day” from beginning to end. I went to work out. Got these eyebrows of mine done. Paid both my credit card bills and filled up my gas tank. Went to Rita’s and treated myself to a large ice with extra vanilla custard on top (stop paying for a Gelato when you know the custard on the bottom is always too much. And when they ring it up as such, kindly explain to them their mistake and have them correct it. SAVE YOUR COINS). I was spending money on and time with myself.

I forget to spend quality time with myself.

Obviously I never leave myself since I am.. ya know… myself. What I mean is I rarely take the time to sit back and appreciate who I am and nurture the growth of that being.

It’s a rule of mine to never let anyone take me somewhere I can’t afford to take myself. But do I take myself though? Nope. I should.

I’m going to.

A new goal of mine is to go out with myself at least once a week. Emphasis on the “go out” part because I order food for pickup on just about a daily basis- that’s an issue for another day. Anyway. I need to spend time with myself publicly. Enjoy my own company. Show myself I’m not afraid to show her off, you know?

Doing this is the only way to truly assure myself I’m comfortable with being alone. It’s a different feeling being okay with being alone even when others are around.

Explaining it is tricky; you’ll feel the difference as you do it.

I challenge you to spend quality time with you. Do a little going out.

When Tyga said, “real independent girl, take herself out,” I felt that.

– Jade M Ernest

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