A Freshman Friendship

As I went through deleting old threads from my iPad yesterday, I was reminded of this friend I had freshman year who basically helped keep me afloat. She isn’t at HU anymore, I learned through a mutual friend of ours, but she really did play a big role in my pseudo-survival that fall semester.

She made me go to band practice on days I wanted to quit and wouldn’t let me run out of the cafe when the guy I was avoiding walked in. When I would go over to the guy’s room, she’d be texting me practically the entire time I was there, and would knock on my door the next morning to make me get up and go to class. She wrote scripts for me when I wasn’t sure how to express myself in any given instance, and was always ready to go to bat for me, no matter how small the matter.

That girl from first semester freshman year held my hand through a lot of the situations I now reflect on. At very low points in both of our lives, we tried to pull one another up. It never really worked.

On campus, she was my safety blanket. In some ways, I was hers.

At some point I found a new group of friends, and we drifted a part. She actually was very supportive of the new space I was moving into, but I handled it so wrong. I left her.

I could’ve handled things way better.

No regrets. Reflections.

– Jade M Ernest

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