A Freshman Friendship

As I went through deleting old threads from my iPad yesterday, I was reminded of this friend I had freshman year who basically helped keep me afloat. She isn't at HU anymore, I learned through a mutual friend of ours, but she really did play a big role in my pseudo-survival that fall semester. She … Continue reading A Freshman Friendship

Let. Him. Go.

I just need to let this out. It's neither encouraging nor funny. It's just a thing. If you know me you know I'm good for making a phone call off the random. No courtesy text. No appointments. If I want to hear your voice or for you to hear mine at any given moment, I'll … Continue reading Let. Him. Go.

No Scholarship, New Purpose

Following my early action acceptance to Howard University in December 2015, I was awarded the Capstone Scholarship for my academic achievement in high school. The scholarship covered tuition, housing, and my meal plan with the stipulation that  I maintain at least 15 credits and a 3.3 GPA each semester. I lost my scholarship following the … Continue reading No Scholarship, New Purpose