Jade M

View album “Favorites”As I take it you’ll be reading my blog posts going forward and, if you’re anything like me, taking a moment do a bit of digging, I think it’s important that you have a bit of background as to who I am as a person to understand where I’m coming from as a writer

I am Jade M, a graduate of the illustrious Howard University and rising 1L at Howard University School of Law who everyday is adjusting to my new life away from family- away from home. I was born and raised in a loving, God-centered, working-class Black family where I was so fortunate to be the princess of the household. I grew up as the youngest child and only daughter in my blended family, a commodity amongst all if you asked me. I loved love and everyone showed me it. Naturally, I have a deep love of family and, sometimes to my detriment, cling to the ideals of us being together forever (i.e. my crying at least 3 days straight when we dropped my closest brother Jordan off at college nearly 4 years ago). I’m challenged by change. Change challenges me in all areas of life.


One thing that has remained constant in my life is my passion for writing, and its therapeautic effect. While I received my BA in Strategic, Legal, & Management Communications, I most enjoy an editorial style of writing, where I can express myself free of rules (within some parameters- contradictory, I know). Writing is my release- I tend not to express myself or “vent” aloud to others, but rather I write to work through obstacles and make sense of my world on my own. I find that when I struggle to articulate my feelings aloud, putting pen to paper allows me to better understand myself and become a better version of it.

By publishing my thoughts here on “Building, Not Broken” I hope to be a resource for others like me throughout their journeys and perhaps start dialogue between us otherwise silent- not silenced- individuals. Don’t hesitate to use me. Let’s build together.

– Jade M Ernest