No Scholarship, New Purpose

Following my early action acceptance to Howard University in December 2015, I was awarded the Capstone Scholarship for my academic achievement in high school. The scholarship covered tuition, housing, and my meal plan with the stipulation that  I maintain at least 15 credits and a 3.3 GPA each semester. I lost my scholarship following the … Continue reading No Scholarship, New Purpose


Two Jobs

Monday, February 12, 2018 1:45 pm I'm sitting, waiting to be taken back for a job interview. It's scheduled for 2 o'clock but I like to arrive 15 minutes prior to any appointment so I don't feel rushed- besides, I'm super excited about this so I've literally been watching the clock, waiting to head here … Continue reading Two Jobs

Dads. Donuts.

In elementary school, administration hosted a before-school breakfast for fathers and daughters to attend: Dads & Donuts. Although I imagine all of the little girls in attendance appreciate the time their fathers spent with them that morning, my appreciation is rooted much deeper. I cannot create more memories with my father. He won't be at … Continue reading Dads. Donuts.